Welcome to the BattleLines Redrawn Project

This website was launched to coincide with the 4th August 2014 which marks the start of the British First World War Centenary.

The Battlelines Redrawn Project is a study of how some of the battlefields of the First World War have REGENERATED over the last century. The focus centres on the landscapes of the Ypres Salient and The Somme using reference from paintings produced by War Artists Paul Nash and William Orpen and the words from John Masefield.

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The Paintings

Anna Dillon

Creating vibrant paintings which reflect a passion for landscapes and their history in a style similar to paintings of the chalklands of the North Wessex Downs, a landscape that has a counterpart in the chalklands of the Somme.

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The War Artists

Paul Nash, William Orpen & John Masefield

Drawing on comparisons between Nash, Orpen & Masefield, their responses to the destruction of the battle torn landscapes and connections to the chalk downlands in England.

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The Battle Lines

Ypres Salient and The Somme

Examining the landscapes of the North of France and Belgium alongside the Berkshire Downs. Researching how the destroyed landscapes regenerated over the past 100 years.

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